Greg Punt, Owner, started Magnum Pumping in 2019 to provide an unmatchable service of handling the liquid manure application for the hog farm he grew up on. When he was a teenager, he helped with the manure application of the hog farm utilizing 28,000-gallon Balzer tanks and 3 tender trucks. Though years have passed and the ways of handling the manure have changed, the hard work and dedication remain. 

At Magnum Pumping, we control all the variables to ensure our services are efficient and effective for our customers. We closely monitor the weather, when the pits are full, and when the crops are removed to ensure our application is perfectly timed. Our customers are extremely happy with our services, and each year Magnum Pumping has added more business. 

Magnum Pumping uses state of the art Nuhn quad train tank equipment that maximizes the payload but is still gentle enough on the ground. By using high-volume pumps, agitators, and Nuhn crawlers, we are able to get the agitation needed for an even and consistent nutrient analysis. We also analyze a sample from every load so the customer and landowner all know the value of the product being applied. We pride ourselves in providing the best service you can find in rural Minnesota. 


Greg grew up on a hobby farm south of Prinsburg, MN. When he was 13, his dad started a farrow-to-finish hog farm with 3,000 sows. He was tasked with many chores such as washing barns, breeding, farrowing, choring finishing barns, mowing, and moving snow.

He also grew up with a love of crop farming and helped friends and family year-round with planting, growing, and harvesting crops, as well as fabricating and maintaining equipment. He learned a lot about hard work and dedication early on.

After high school, Greg went to vo-tech for a couple of years. He then went on to manage the maintenance and feed mill operations of the hog farm where he had his first opportunity to get involved in trucking. He bought his first truck and hopper bottom to haul ingredients for the feed mill, and within 2 years, had 4 trucks and 20 owner operators running throughout the Midwest for several different customers and elevators.

This was the first company Greg started, naming it Punt Companies. 

Seeing success with the trucking business, Greg ventured into a new market and purchased a refrigerated trailer to haul produce, meat, seafood, and vegetables for a variety of customers throughout the lower 48 states. This business grew rapidly, and within 2 years, 18 company trucks were running throughout the United States hauling anything that needed to be temperature controlled.

Greg later started a trucking business called G&S Farms. This company also manages the movement of the pigs, feed, and ingredients for the hog farm. G&S Farms has also grown substantially over the years. The trucks and drivers are local, providing top-notch service to our customers.

Through the years of providing top quality service and support to its Punt Companies customers, Greg was often asked to provide services for more than what his trucks could handle. Because of this, Greg saw an opportunity to start yet another business of brokering freight, calling it G&S Transports, which has grown quickly the past few years.

Greg has never shied away from a good opportunity, often referred to as a serial entrepreneur! He has started and operates many different companies including Punt Companies, G&S Farms, G&S Transports, Gander, West Central Aviation, Magnum Pumping, and Magnum Properties. 

He is a devoted husband to his wife, Sarah, of 15 years and father to his 4 beautiful children – Ryder, Lukas, Grace, and Penelope. He has many different hobbies from traveling with his wife and kids to four-wheeling, flying, hanging out around the pool, or bonfire with his family and friends.  He is an active member in the church he grew up in, a strong supporter of the local Christian school, a firefighter, and a first responder.

Greg gives all the praise and glory to our Lord and Savior for the success he has seen in his career and hopes that through his companies the Lord’s kingdom will grow, and His name be praised!

To learn more about Punt Companies LLC, Magnum Pumping, G&S Farms or G&S Transports please call us at (320) 207-2810.