Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) for Magnum Pumping

Which application method do you use?

We fully incorporate your manure with a 30 foot tool bar.

Where is your service area?

We serve West Central Minnesota area. Please call us at (320) 207-2810 to inquire further.

Tell me about the equipment you use

Magnum Pumping uses state of the art Nuhn quad train tank and quadrasteer equipment that maximizes the payload but is still gentle enough on the ground. Here is a link to the Agribrink tire pressure adjustment system we utilize for our equipment – watch HERE. We use high-volume pumps and agitators to get the agitation needed for an even and consistent nutrient analysis. We also analyze a sample from every load so the customer and landowner all know the value of the product being applied. We pride ourselves in providing the best service you can find in rural Minnesota. 

Why Should I choose Magnum Pumping?

Magnum Pumping has constant control of our tire pressure so we can prevent harmful soil compaction. We set our growers up for success because manure has yield!

Have a question we didn’t answer in our FAQS about Magnum Pumping above? Don’t hesitate to call us at (320) 207-2810 for more information!